Updates for 2018…

Hey everyone, hope all is well…

Here is a breakdown of our upgrades and improvements for the new year.

Increased Speeds:

All speeds have been doubled to 10Mbps. Most customers should see increased performance when connected with multiple devices. This should also help make downloads much faster.

Please note: Depending on your location and what your signal is looking thru will determine if you are able to receive the full new speeds. I am confident that everyone should see an increase, but some of the customers surrounded by trees may not be able to pull the full amount as there is simply too much in the way. Also, at peak times, speeds may vary as well.

Our goal for the year is to get all customers signals as good as possible so everyone gets the new speeds. Not just the people with clear line of sight.

Increased Data:

With the new year, we are giving more data as well. The new plans are as follows…

30GB @ $39.95 increases to 50GB (increased speeds apply)

60GB @ $49.95 increases to 100GB (Increased speeds apply)

120GB @ $69.95 increases to 200GB (increased speeds apply)

Unlimited @ $99.95 see below (increased speeds apply)

Please note: We are currently monitoring the unlimited plans with the new speeds. The hope is that we can continue to offer “true” unlimited to our customers, but if usage becomes out of control, we will be forced to cap the plan at 500GB.

However, if we are forced to do this, the customer will have the option of the new speeds with a 500GB cap or they can opt to stay on their old plan of 5Mbps of speed and “true” unlimited data.

We will talk more about this in the coming months after usage reports are generated…

Past Due Accounts:

Nothing new to report here other than we continue to see up to half our customers not making payments on time. I honestly don’t know if its just people not having the money or if they are forgetting to pay… I am beginning to think some simply don’t care…

People tell me all the time to just “cut them off”… But I am confident that everyone knows I don’t mind helping someone in need, and have always been more than fair with all our customers.

However, with the new year, I think it is finally time to be a bit more strict on payments… Please…  make your payments on time…

More to come:

Keep checking back for new updates throughout the year. We have lots of new ideas to make things better and better for our customers.

Once again, thanks to everyone on our local internet service and happy new year!