Updates for 2017…

Hello everyone, hope all is well. We just wanted to take a few minutes and let everyone know of our updates and changes to our internet service for the new year.

Increased Speeds:

All customers speeds have been increased across the board. The new speeds will be 4Mbps for downloading and 2Mbps for uploading.

This speed increase will help with buffering while watching videos and also make uploading files much faster to sites such as Facebook. Please note that during peak times this can vary, as with any provider.

Our goal is to get everyone to 5Mbps or more by the end of the year. Stay tuned…

Increased Data:

We have increased our data packages for 2017! The new plans will be as follows:

$39.95 @ 30GB of Data

$49.95 @ 60GB of Data

$69.95 @ 120GB of Data

$99.95 @ Unlimited Data

Data Overages:

In the past, we have been very relaxed on customers going over their data usage. In fact, lots of customers go over every month and do not even realize it.

This year we have decided to let our servers do the job they were purchased for, which is to automatically slow customers speeds once they hit their data limits. This was a much needed change as it is simply too much to try to keep up with and basically a full time job in itself.

For the new year, any customer that goes over their data plan will automatically be slowed to 512Kbps for the remainder of the month. Normal speeds will resume at midnight on the 1st of the month, the same day invoices are due.

Usage Reports:

This has been a big priority for us and we are glad to finally have it live.

To check your usage simply click on the “My Usage” link on our website. This will display your total monthly usage and also a breakdown of your daily usage. Please note that you must be connected to your home network for reports to generate.

Also be aware that we are still putting the finishing touches on everything, so there might be minor changes made visually, but we feel it’s close enough to allow customers access. Feel free to share any thoughts you may have for improvements.

Payments & Invoices:

With the new year we are changing our policy for past due accounts.

Invoices will be auto generated and emailed on the 20th of the month. They are due upon receipt, and are considered late after the 1st day of the month. The grace period for late invoices not posted by the 1st has been increased to 10 days. After the grace period, any past due accounts will automatically be restricted until payment has been posted or arrangements have been made.

This is a new global rule for all accounts. No exceptions.

The amount of past due accounts has become a huge issue, with up to half of our customers not making payments on time. Yes, I said half… Sorry to say, but this has got to stop if we are going to continue running our business. Its our hope that everyone can understand.

Replacement Equipment:

Typically, when we install a new customer, we provide the outside equipment at no charge.

With the new year however, any replacement equipment due to things out of our control, such as lightning storms, electrical surges, dogs chewing wires, spilling drinks into the power supply, etc… will become the responsibility of the customer.

Basically, in a nutshell, you get the first one for free…

We thought long and hard about making this change but after looking at how many radios we replaced last year due to things that we have no control over, the decision was obvious.

More to come:

And finally, let us take the time and say thanks to everyone for being a part of our local internet service… When we started this thing 15 years ago, we really didn’t know what to expect, but thanks to the customers we are still going strong and still looking forward…

We still have a few surprises yet to come in the next year. Stay tuned for updates…

Once again, thanks and best wishes…