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Volume 06
This is our most recent album and is still a work in progress... It pretty much has a "play what you feel" type vibe going on... Some pretty cool stuff, I must admit... (Recorded 2014-Current)
Volume 05
This one features a little bit of everything... From full blown electronic music to spanking country... Basically this album was simply playing "what come out" and was super fun to record. (Recorded (2009-13)
Volume 04
This album is pretty much a continuation of Volume 03... While it has the same vibe going on, its for sure more guitar oriented... and has a "heavier" overall feel to it. (Recorded (2005-08)
Volume 03
This album has some really cool material on it, and features some of my most used instrumental songs. This was also the beginning of adding electronic sounds into the mix... (Recorded 2002-04)
Volume 02
This is probably my favorite album I have ever recorded. I did all the guitar tracks with an acoustic. Looking back on it now, I really dont know why I did it that way, but love how it turned out. (Recorded 2000-01)
Volume 01
This was the first of the Volumes... and was mostly recorded in my home studio in Nashville. This album has various styles of music and was some of the most fun I have had recording... (Recorded 1998-99)